19 Jun 2020

Stewart Piper's best Dons XIII

Next up in our Dons best XIII series, club president Stewart Piper names the best players he played alongside.

Stewart is the fourth person to take part in this following Carl Hall, Audley Pennant, and Tony Miller.

During lockdown, Stewart has been throwing himself into the Foundation’s Home Goals project (a project which provide social events, fitness classes, and well-being sessions right to your home) – and you can see photo of his efforts above. To find out more about Home Goals click here.

Stewart’s team is made of the best players he played with, some of whom are sadly no longer with us. 

David Towle                                                                                                         

What Stewart said: Marra was strong and deceptive.

Graham Arrand

What Stewart said: Player in Australia. He was big, strong and an awesome tackler.

Ray Wilson

What Stewart said: he played for Featherstone and York. He was extremely fit - Adonis shaped. Great Donny lad.

Gary Brooke

 What Stewart said: Talented, unselfish, strong!

Keith Millet

What Stewart said: Keith was fast and a clever player.

Trevor Denton

What Stewart said: Trevot was an all-round athlete - always fit

Mick McCone

What Stewart said: Tricky player - real live wire.

Tony Jeff

What Stewart said: He could gallop – Jeff took some stopping.

Peter Moody

What Stewart said: Peter was one of the best hookers in league

Tony Banham

What Stewart said: He was great try scorer and he was always fast of the mark

Billy Yates

What Stewart said: 100% effort … always

George Pflaster

What Stewart said: He was fiery and not to be messed with. Quick and hard in the tackle.


David Noble

What Stewart said: Great goal kicker. He could read the game really well and played an impressive 333 games.


Dave Varey

What Stewart said: He was a Wigan lad and could play in backs or forwards. Good tackler!

Ian Fortis

What Stewart said: Ian played in France – he was a fast and deceptive player.


Derrick Edwards What Stewart said: ex Castleford man and GB player.