PREVIEW | Chrimes enjoying his rugby

PREVIEW | Chrimes enjoying his rugby

17th March 2019

Matty Chrimes feels he has settled in well since joining the Dons at the start of the season. 

The winger has played in every game so far in 2019, and says the squad are improving on a regular basis. 

He said: “We’ve had a good few wins recently and found some form, so hopefully we can continue that this weekend.

'It takes most teams a few games to get into their stride, we didn’t see much of the ball in the friendlies which didn’t help.

'We’ve got some real belief in the group, we’ve shown different sides to our game to pick up results along the way.”

The Dons face a trip to Whitehaven in Betfred League One this weekend, and Chrimes says an extended break between games has benefitted the side.

He added: “Having a little bit longer to recover after a game means that we’ve been pushed a lot in the build-up to the game. 

“I’ve had a lot more game time than I thought I would get so it’s enjoyable for me, I just want to keep that going now.”

PREVIEW | Chrimes enjoying his rugby