REACTION | Horne wants better game control

REACTION | Horne wants better game control

21st May 2018

Head coach Richard Horne says the Dons need to take control of games following Sunday’s home defeat to Hunslet.

The Dons conceded five tries in the 35-16 defeat at the Keepmoat Stadium, and Horne says the team need to go back to basics in training.

“We never really got going and we couldn’t apply pressure, their half’s controlled the game a lot better than ours did and that’s where we haven’t been able to pick up the win, we never got a hold in the game and we couldn’t complete our sets,” he said.

“We gave away too many silly penalties and we didn’t turn their big guys down, we ran out of energy because of all the defending we ended up having to do, we know we need to be better at completing sets and turning them round.

“Everyone will go back and look at ourselves, we’re going to go back to basics in training, we’ve gone away from the plan within 10 minutes and we just imploded a little bit, we had great energy and we tried to move them about.”

The Dons now have a two-week gap before they travel to face Oldham on June 3, and Horne says they will make sure the mistakes they made against Hunslet will not be repeated.

“We need to be able to do the tough stuff, we can’t get bored of turning teams round and making them do some work, if you do that it makes the opposition’s job of shaping up and playing the way they want to a lot more difficult,” he added.

“Where the penalties occurred and the timings of them are really disappointing for us, they hurt us, we’ll have a look at them, but it’s all about control in games and they had the upper hand over us, we can’t let that happen again.”

REACTION | Horne wants better game control