NEWS | Dons players staying active

NEWS | Dons players staying active

16th October 2018

The Dons squad are keeping themselves active over the off-season with individual fitness programmes.

Strength and conditioning coach Calum Christopherson has designed the programmes to match each player’s requirements, and believes that will allow them to hit the ground running when they return to training.

He said: “As much as the off-season is there for rest and recovery we want to keep the boys ticking over throughout their time away from playing.

“As soon as the season finished they were given a couple of weeks off to go away and spend time with their friends and families.

“We put a lot of responsibility on them and we have created a very good culture at the club where everyone is keen to work hard and improve.”

Calum has been with the club since replacing Rhys Lovegrove towards the end of the 2018 campaign, and has enjoyed being involved with the Dons so far.

He added: “It’s been very easy to settle in, I’ve worked with Richard Horne before and he’s creating something here.

“The people he has brought in are good people, it can be hard coming in as a strength and conditioning coach midway through the season but I’m enjoying it.

“Ultimately these next few weeks will allow me to put my stamp on things and bring new ideas to the table as well.”


NEWS | Dons players staying active